Blowdry Bar/

Choose from any of our four blowout styles and our skilled blowdry artists will transform you into a certified hair goddess before important work meetings, casual brunches, or for the simple pleasure of looking at your reflection in every shiny surface.


Price may vary in cases of extreme length and curls. Please call for consultation.


Add-On Treatments

Power Doze

Give power to dry, weak, or color treated hair.




A fiber-filling system to reconstruct severely damaged hair




The anti-gravity effect – a volume booster serum for fine and sensitive hair




The originial chemistry that multiplies and cross-links broken bonds for a dramatic and soft feel.





Sugaring is an all natural hair removal technique that is gentler, cleaner, and more effective than traditional waxing. The process is non-toxic, vegan, and completely chemical-free. In fact, the only ingredients in the sugar-based hair removal paste are: sugar, lemons, and water– it’s edible!  

Shampoo + Cut
Shampoo, Cut + Finish


Shampoo + Cut
from $40
from $55


Shampoo + Cut
Shampoo + Cut + Blowdry
girls $30

Shampoo + Cut + Blowdry
boys $20


Conditioning &  Coloring/

Reconstruction + Deep Condition



Single Process Color Retouch 

from $50


Glaze (style not included)

from $50



from $20


Roots on the Go

from $35


Dimensional Foil (Colorbase + Highlights) from $50


Full Highlights

from $100


2 Color Highlights

from $120


3 Color Highlights

from $140


Partial Highlights

from $75


​Specialty Foil Pricing (style not included)

each $10